We believe that our primary responsibility is to the patients who ultimately received our product. We must constantly work to improve the quality and reduce the cost of our products. Our orders must be filled promptly and accurately, with everyone making a fair profit in the transaction.

Our second responsibility is to our staff, the men and women who work for OriGen. Each should have a sense of security in their job, fair and adequate wages, clean and orderly working conditions. Management must be qualified and just, and the working environment pleasant. Advancement for each person is considered on their individual merit.

Our next responsibility is to be a good corporate citizen. To support our community through works of charity and civic improvement, and to pay our fair share of taxes. We should all promote health, education and good government within our community.

Our last responsibility is to our shareholders. We must make a reasonable profit so reserves can be created, research can be continued, mistakes paid for, experiments begun and new products constantly developed.

All these responsibilities are the responsibility of each individual employee of OriGen, and we should collectively and individually work to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.




Vision Statement

OriGen will become an industry leader in innovative medical devices and will build strong relationships with those who share our values.  We hold integrity and honesty as our most important principles, and will treat each other, our customers and our partners with respect and dignity.