Product code: VSV 

Description: DMSO resistant vial spike

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Accessory Sets

OriGen Biomedical offers a variety of tube sets, spikes and adapters for cell transfer, recovery and processing.

OriGen accessory sets are intended to streamline cell processing; adapting to your process rather than the other way around.

OriGen Biomedical offers a variety of tube sets, bag spikes, and adapters for stem cell transplant and cellular therapy.  These accessories are targeted at improving cell transfer, cell freezing, cell thawing, cell processing, and cell sampling.  Many of the accessories offer needle free options, and others allow for closed system processing. Many of OriGen's accessory products & tubing sets are DMSO resistant due to its prevalence in blood cryopreservation processes.

All accessory sets are packed in a Tyvek® peel pouch and sold sterile. All materials are USP Class VI. 

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Cell Connect  is designed to streamline the addition of your hematopoietic stem cells and freezing solution into up to four CryoStore freezing bags to process for cryopreservation.

Customization is available - please inquire with our Austin, Texas office.