Tube Adapters

Tube Adapters
Tube connectors or transfer sets for cell processing.
*indicates 100% DMSO resistance 
Product Code
Description Case Quantity
Stock or Custom

One female luer to one male luer with 12cm tubing

 *indicates 100% DMSO resistance 

2M-F17*  Two male luers to one female luer with 17cm of tubing

*indicates 100% DMSO resistance  

20  Custom 
 2M-M17*  Two male luers to one male luer with 17cm of tubing

*indicates 100% DMSO resistance  

 20  Custom
 24-T-3T  Three 12cm SCD tube leads to one 12cm SCD tube lead  20  Custom

12-F-M                 2M-F17 

10-F-M-OriGen-tube-adapter.jpg                 2M-F17-Origen-tube-adapter.jpg


Custom configurations available. Minimum quantities may apply.

All accessory sets are packed in a Tyvek® peel pouch and sold sterile. All materials are USP Class VI. 

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