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Solid Tissue Cryopreservation Bags indicated for use in protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissues.

Composed of Kapton and FEP, the CryoBag™ can be used at any temperature, including direct immersion in Liquid Nitrogen. It is unexcelled for cryogenic freezing of cells and tissues. The OriGen CryoBag is simply the easiest, safest way to preserve valuable tissue and cell cultures when cryopreservation is indicated.

Designed for cryogenic preservation including direct immersion in liquid nitrogen. The CryoBag remains flexible with no significant decrease in mechanical strength at temperatures from -196°C to +200°C.

Advantages of the OriGen CryoBag 

  • Tape Seal: Where immersion in only the Nitrogen vapor phase is required, a self-adhesive tape seal is available (product code: CT). When storing in the Liquid Nitrogen, a standard heat seal is recommended.
  • Labels: Supplied with a self-adhesive lot label that will remain attached in liquid nitrogen, or can be placed in a logbook. The freezing bag itself is also silkscreened with a writing area.
  • Volume: Square seals means that the CryoBag has a much larger internal volume than chevron-seal type cryopreservation freezing bags.
  • Materials: The Cryobag is made from a sandwich of polyimide Kapton and FEP films. The inner surface of the CryoBag bag is pure FEP, which has unsurpassed biocompatibility. The outer layer is polyimide which is gas impermeable, making the bag recommended for direct immersion in liquid nitrogen.
  • Inert: The inner layer of FEP contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals, so there is nothing to leech out into the stored cells.

Technical Information:

Catalog Number Width, cm Length, cm Stock Designation
CB 0915
9 15.0
CB 1016
CB 1428
CB 1936
19 36

*if applicable
Other sizes are available, please inquire.