More than 25 years experience designing specialty cardiac care and cell culture devices.
ECMO Respiratory
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is a procedure that supplies supplementary oxygen to the patients blood.

Liquivent Lung Lavage Solution
Liquivent™ is a clear perfluorochemical solution for bronchial lavage.  It comes in both radiopaque and radiolucent formulations.

Catheters  **Currently Out of Stock**
Origen supplies specialized catheters for Veno-Venous ECMO (also called ECLS)

The PCT kit is a collection of sharps and guidewires to percutaneously place OriGen V V catheters.

HFT Sets
The HFT sets are intended for use as draingage tubing with extracorporeal circuits.

Bladder Box
The OriGen Bladder Box is used for controlling the mechanical pump in the ECMO circuit.

PMP Oxygenator
The PMP Oxygenator cosists of a gas exchange module with an integrated stainless steel heat exchanger.