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Bladder Box
Bladder Box and Bladder Holders

Part: BB, BH
The OriGen Bladder Holders are designed to support 1/4" and 3/8" silicone bladders from Gish or Medtronic, used in extracorporeal procedures. The bladder box contains electronics to signal a pump and sound an alarm when the reservoir deflates.

The Bladder Holder is designed to support the bladder reservoir and allow the user to transduce the pressure in the bladder. All models have improved saddles for secure and easy bladder mounting. The Bladder Holder is available for 6, 7 and 8" bladder lengths. It can also be supplied with a mast clamp.

All parts on both systems are made of acetal copolymer with bolted construction. Parts are easily replaced by removing the bolts and bolting the new part back in place. Acetal is extremely tough and is resistant to most solvents, acids and bases, and cleaners.


Bladder Box not for sale in the United States.