PDF: Dual Lumen Catheter Data Sheet

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PDF:  Dual Lumen Cannula Infographic

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 "We had a 2.9kg one day old infant with MAS who required ECMO support.  We used a Maquet Rotaflow centrifugal pump with the Quadrox iD oxygenator and placed the OriGen VV13F cannula via cut down in right IJ.  This was the first time we attempted VV ECMO with a centrifugal pump on an infant.  In the past we have used our Sorin roller head pumps for VV ECMO using the polyurethane, non-wire reinforced DLVV cannulas.  Cannulation went smoothly with no issues.  The patient was on ECMO for four days and had no issues.  Average pump flow was .330 LPM w/2200 RPM and pre-membrane pressure 120 mmHg. Maximum pump flow was .350 LPM w/2270 RPM and pre-membrane pressure 129 mmHg Catheter measured at T10 on CXR with pump sats in the 70's mostly; we didn't detect any recirculation.  The patient came off and is doing very well.  Due to the success of this ECMO case, we will continue to use your wire reinforced cannulas for VV ECMO with centrifugal pumps." Paul Watkins, The Children’s Hospital at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center






**VV19F Currently Out of Stock**

**ETA: July 2018**

OriGen dual lumen catheters are indicated for use as a single cannula for both venous drainage and arterial re-infusion of blood in the internal jugular vein during extracorporeal life support (ECLS or ECMO) procedures

The OriGen dual lumen PEBAX® wire reinforced catheter will be available in the following size: VV13F, VV16F, VV19F, VV23F, VV28F, VV32F

Each catheter is made of wire-reinforced Pebax and, is supplied with a blunt introducer. The catheter is an improvement from the previous non-reinforced design. The features include:

  • A softer polymer material, called PEBAX®, to improve recovery from kinking
  • Wire-reinforcing along the tip to increase the resistance to collapse and kinking
  • Tip and reinfusion port design to reduce recirculation

The OriGen Dual Lumen Catheter is ideally suited for the simultaneous drainage and reinfusion of blood through the internal jugular vein during ECMO procedures. This catheter design has the right combination of flexibility, bend radius, collapse resistance and recovery from kinking to be ideal for ECMO with centrifugal pumps.

Introducer: Each catheter is supplied with a blunt introducer to aid in catheter placement via cutdown. If cutdown is not desired, a separate percutaneous introducer kit is available with all the necessary guidewires and introducers.

Recirculation: Return and drain holes are separated, rather than positioned directly opposite, which has been shown to reduce recirculation (1).

Tip diameter: The catheter has a relatively consistent diameter over the length of the tip, but there is some extra reinforcement at the hub.

Lumen size: The inserted tip is divided internally so that the drainage lumen has a cross-section area roughly twice that of the return lumen.



Material: The catheter is PEBAX® except for the polyurethane and polycarbonate connector tubes. The tip section is radiopaque.

Priming: The reinfusion lumen is supplied with a self-sealing vent plug to vent air and then seal during insertion, without having to clamp the catheter, to help de-air the catheter.

Product Codes

Product Code
Tip Diameter (F) Inserted Length (cm)
VV13F 13F 8.2
VV16F 16F 9.5
VV19F 19F 13.7
VV23F  23F 18.2
VV28F  28F 22.5
VV32F  32F 25.0


Weight Based Catheter Size Guide

Size Guide (PDF)         

Catheter Flow Charts

13F Flow Chart  (PDF)

16F Flow Chart  (PDF)

19F Flow Chart  (PDF)

23F FLow Chart  (PDF)

28F Flow Chart  (PDF)

Percutaneous Introducer Kit

For percutaneous placement, all the necessary guidewires, sharps and introducers are available packaged together; product code PCTa for catheters 13F to 19F. For more information please vist the PCT page .

Note: US Federal law restricts the sale and use of these devices by or on the order of a physician. Supplied sterile. For single use only. Read Instructions for Use before clinical use. Please also reference ELSO Guidelines .

1. K. Rais-Bahrami, et-al: Improved oxygenation with reduced circulation during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: Comparison of two catheters. 16th CNMC ECMO Symposium, Keystone, CO, March 2000