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PMP ECMO Oxygenator by Eurosets s.r.l.

The Eurosets AMG is an oxygenator consisting of a Polymethylpentene (PMP) gas exchange module with an integreated stainless steel heat exchanger

The Path of Biocompatibility

The Eurosets AMG ECMO Oxygenator is coated with an advanced Phosphorylcholine coating.  Phosphorylcholine (PC) is a major lipid head group component found in the outer surface of biologic cell membranes, and it plays a major role in biocompatibility by preventing protein absorption and eliminating contact activation.  The PC coating binds water tightly, presenting only a water surface to the bloodstream.  The mechanism mimics a biomembrane, and because the PC coating is non-reactive, it is therefore not consumed like heparin.  This can reduce thrombin generation and decrease platelet consumpsion (1,2,3).  

As there is no heparin in the coating, it makes it quite a bit easier to take heparin out of the circuit needed.  

  • Low thrombogenic
  • Low inflammatory
  • Stable
  • Resistant to bacterial adhesion
  • Resistant to component activation
  • Biocompatible coating does not contain heparin

Technical Specifications

Oxygenator Module
Polymethylpentene Fibers
Priming volume:                               220ml
Contact surface area:                      1,81m2(18,48 ft2)
Blood flow rate:                                0.4 - 7,0 l/min

Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel heat exchanger
Heat exchanger surface area:          0,08m2 (0,81 ft2)
Heat Exc. Performance factor:         0,64 (@4ml/min)

Coating:                                            PC phosphorylcholine

Venous inlet:                                     3/8" (9.53mm)
Arterial outlet:                                  
3/8" (9.53mm) 

Ordering Information 

Part NumberDescriptionPack QtyStock/Custom
US5061 A.M.G. Module PMP Sterile 1 Custom
US5062 A.M.G. Module PMP NO T.P. Sterile 1 Stock
EU2257 Holder for A.M.G. PMP oxygenator module 1 Stock


1. Pappalardo F, Della Valle P, Crescenzi G, et al. Phosphorylcholine coating may limit thrombin formation during high-risk cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial. Ann Thorac Surg 2006; 81: 886–891)

2. Campbell EJ, O’Byrne V, Stratford PW, et al. Biocompatible surfaces using methacryloylphosphorylcholine laurylmethacrylate copolymer. ASAIO J 1994; 40: M853-M857

3. Raspe C, Rickert F, et al. Inter-hospital transfer of ECMO-assisted patients with a portable miniaturized ECMO device: 4 years experiences. Perfusion 2014; 1-8