Multi-Chamber Bag

For research use only in the United States. 

The OriGen CryoStoreTM Multi-Chamber Bag is indicated for freezing blood components at any temperature.  It provides you with the traceability, durability, and safety that you need. 


Each chamber of the bag is printed with unique numbers for easy identification. The numbers on the chambers match those found on the tube sets making the traceability after the aliquot process assured.


The spike port and film used in the OriGen CryoStore™ Multi-Chamber bag are made from more rugged EVA. The proof of durability is in our customer’s success.


Tube sets have luer-actuated needle-free injection ports. These swabbable ports help maintain sterility of the sample through numerous actuations and can help eliminate the possibility of needle-sticks, during processing.

Ease of Use:

The standard tube set has a syringe included for removal of air prior to filling the bag with any fluid. This will help expedite the debubbling process.  Each multi chamber bag has tubing compatible for sterile welding, needle free access and a male and a female luer connections. 

Multiple chambers are filled from a single location and the channel located at the bottom of the bag allows for easy heat seals between each chamber with a standard tube sealer.  This separation of individual chambers allows multiple post thaw applications without compromising the integrity of the rest of the cellular product.  


  Technical Information

Catalog NumberWidth (cm)*Height (cm)*
Depth (cm)*

10.8 5.5 0.9
CS24M9 8.4 5.5 0.9


  Technical Information Cont.

Freeze/Fill Volume per ChamberFreeze VolumeFill VolumeMax Number Chamber
Up to 30mL Up to 30mL 5
6mL Up to 24mL Up to 24mL 4


Tubing Configurations 

SuffixTube Set Description
Stock or Custom



One male luer with cap, two

female luers with caps, syringe

and needle-free injection port



Packing Configurations 

Catalog NumberBags per Tyvek PouchPouches per Case



1 12



1 12