Protection for Thawing


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  • Protect

    The SteriZip™ can provide a safe and sterile environment for your CryoStore™ bag during thawing. SteriZip™ can be used during transport of laboratory samples throughout your institution.

  • Sterile

    Each SteriZip™ is inspected, cleaned and pouched in a clean room and gamma sterilized.

Product Use

Product Code

Width, cm

Height, cm

Qty Per Pack

Qty per Case

For Use With

SZ1823 18 23 10 1 CS25, CS50
SZ2533 25 33 10 1 CS250, CS500, CS750
SZ3038 30 38 10 1 CS1000, CS2000
SZ2533-2M* 25 33 10 1
SZ2533P-1 25 33 1 50
SZ2533P-3 25 33 3 45

*2mil film thickness all other bags are 3mil

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