Radiopaque Perfluorocarbon Solutions for Lung Lavage

Indication: Liquivent® solutions are indicated to be used as an aid in removing debris, secretions and foreign matter from the lungs and bronchial system.


CE Marked.

USA: For Research Use Only.

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  • Bioinert

    The molecules of Liquivent® (Perfluorocarbon [PFCs] Solution) are too large to be metabolized. PFCs are bioinert, immiscible with other liquids, minimally absorbed, and have no deleterious histological cellular or biochemical effects .
  • Effective

    Most liquids and solids float on top of PFCs, making removal of the foreign material and tenacious bronchial secretions easier. PFCs do not mix with water, inhaled liquids or solids.
  • Radiopaque Formulations

    OriGen supplies a pharmaceutical grade perfluorocarbon compound, PFB (Perflubron), which is radiopaque (opaque on x-ray).
  • Available in Syringes and Vials

    Liquivent® is available in syringes and vials. Choose the option that works best for your hospital.

ML28.R01      1. Reickert C, Praniko_ T, Overbeck M, Kazerooni E, Massey K, Bartlett R, Hirschl R. “The Pulmonary And Systemic Distribution And Elimination Of Perflubron From Adult Patients Treated With Partial Liquid Ventilation” Chest. 2001 Feb; 119(2):515-522.

Product Use

Product Code Product Description Stock/Non-Stock
PFB-3 3ml in a 10 ml vial containing Perflubron Non-Stock
PFB-50 50ml syringe containing Perflubron Stock

What is the indication for use?

Liquivent is for research use only in the USA. The CE approved indication for use is as a bronchial lavage solution to aid in removing debris, secretions and foreign matter from the lungs and bronchial system.

How quickly does it evaporate?

When used for bronchial lavage, it is instilled into the lungs and suctioned back out. There will be residual Perflubron in the lungs after lavage and that Perflubron will need to be suctioned out, as well.

What is a normal dosage?

10-20cc/kg for bronchial lavage.

How do I access Liquivent for research purposes?

Please contact customer service at 512-474-7878, submit a quote request form, or email for pricing and availability.

What is the expiration date of Liquivent Products?

3 years

I have a problem with a product, what is the complaint procedure?

Please report it as soon as possible. Contact the OriGen head office or your sales representative. Please retain the product and its packaging as this will help us in our investigation and findings. All complaints will receive a written or oral response acknowledging receipt of the product and initial findings.

Where can I find the Instructions for Use (IFU) or Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for the product I received?

An IFU and CoA will be in your original shipment box. If these items are misplaced, you can access the IFU and CoA for your OriGen products through the Client Login. If you do not have a current login, you will need to register for an account through that page.

Stock items are ready to ship within 3 business days. Non-stock items take 16 weeks to produce with a required minimum order quantity.

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