Non-Occlusive Extracorporeal Centrifugal Pump

Indication: The FloPump™ 32 Centrifugal Pump is an extracorporeal circuit pump for procedures lasting less than 6 hours for the purpose of providing either: full or partial cardiopulmonary bypass (i.e., circuit includes an oxygenator) during open surgical procedures on the heart or great vessels; or temporary circulatory bypass for diversion of flow around a planned disruption of the flow around a planned disruption of the circulatory pathway necessary for open surgical procedures on the aorta or vena cava.

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  • Low Hemolysis

    This type of pump has an advanced parallel cone rotor connected by airfoil segments which gently pump the incoming blood to the outlet port. The Modified Index of Hemolysis (MIH) showed that the FloPump™ 32 MIH was 8.2 mg/mg, identical to the predicate device.
  • Rotaflow™ Equivalent

    The FloPump™ 32 is equivalent to the Rotaflow™. The Rotaflow™ was found to have equivalent hemolysis results as the Centrimag™ pump.
  • Reliable

    Multiple samples from multiple lots were subjected to runs of 24 hours under worst-case conditions. After 24 hours, pumps were torn down and inspected, all critical criteria revealed that all pumps met or exceeded the specifications after rigorous testing.
  • Accurate Flow Sensor Output

    The flow sensor output reading was compared to a calibrated flow meter. The accuracy at 2, 4, 6 and 8 LPM was within ±7%, the accuracy given by the pump console.

1. Palanzo, D, et al, “Comparison of Hemolysis Between CentriMag and RotaFlow Rotary Blood Pumps During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation” Artificial Organs, (2013) 37:9, pp E162-166

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6400S FloPump™ 32, Sterile 12W

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