Frequently Asked Questions
A listing of our most frequently asked questions.
  1. How can I purchase product from outside the United States? There is no distributor listed for my country. Whom should I contact?
    To purchase outside the US you need to contact the distributor in your country. A complete list of distributors is available here . If you are in a country with no distributor you may contact, Mark Phillips or Tonia Wilson in Austin, TX @ 512-474-7278 or Bo Johnson in Sweden @ +49-7475-915591.
  2. How do I obtain pricing?
    Please contact your local distributor or Mark Phillips or Tonia Wilson in Austin, TX @ 512-474-7278 or Bo Johnson in Sweden @ +49-7475-915591.
  3. How can I become a distributor for your product?
    If you are in Europe please contact Bo Johnson in Sweden @ +49-7475-915591. If you are anywhere else you may contact Beth San Segundo in Austin, TX @ 512-474-7278.
  4. What are OriGen's lead times?
    Stock Items: Usually ship immediately from stock, but are first-come first served.
    Non-Stock Items and Custom: For non-stocked or custom items, minimum order quantities are as follows:

    Accessory Sets 16 cases
    50 bags
    12 cases
    DMSO Will be determined based on vial or syringe size
    12 cases
    Overwrap 100 packs of ten
    50 bags
    Product Line
    Minimum case order quantity
    SteriZip 200 bags
    Tissue Vault
    200 bags

    If you order less than the minimum there will be a $1500 setup and engineering fee for the project. Delivery will be 10-12 weeks after receipt of order for custom products, longer if tooling needs to be made.
  5. What conferences will OriGen Biomedical be attending this year?
    Please see our Conference & Meetings schedule.
  6. Why do CryoStore bags fracture like glass when impacted, dropped, etc?
    All plastics have a glass transition temperature unique to the identity and grade of polymer that makes up the plastic (it varies but is -110C to -150C for our materials). Above this temperature, the bags are flexible but once the bag is cooled below its glass transition temperature, the films lose their plasticity and begin to act like panes of glass. Any impact, pinch, cut, etc. can result in a clean fracture that radiates from the point of impact, akin to a cracked window.
  7. I have a problem with a product? What is the complaint procedure?
    Please report it as soon as possible. Contact the OriGen home office or your sales representative. Please retain the product and its packaging as this will help us in our investigation and findings. All complaints will receive a written or oral response acknowledging receipt of the product and initial findings within 15 working days from receipt of the product wherever possible.
  8. My DMSO is frozen - is it defective?
    Not defective at all. Although DMSO has the consistency and transparency of water, its melting point is 19C (or 66F). At a standard room temperature of 75F, your DMSO will be a liquid but if it has been shipped in the cold or kept in a chilly room, it will have frozen. There is no need to place the DMSO vials or syringes into a water bath - just leave them out at room temperature and they will thaw quickly.
  9. What is the expiration date of OriGen Products:
    DMSO: 3 years, Accessories, Bags and Catheters: 4 years
  10. In cell culture - what is the benefit of using a bag vs a flask?:
    Bags create a closed system that reduces possibility of contamination. Swabbable needle-free valves are provided that provide repeated sterile access (and prevent needle-sticks). Our cell culture bags have high optical transmission that allows for inspection of contents without risking contamination of the culture. The bags are gas permeable and provide high rates of oxygen transfer to cells under culture. Additionally, water permeability is very low, so water loss is negligible and humidifed incubators are not required.
  • Are the reinforced catheters ready?
  • Yes, in sizes 13F-28F.
  • What sizes will the catheter be available in?
    32F, 28F, 23F, 19F, 16F and 13F
  • Can I use the existing introducer packs or will I need new ones?
    You may use the existing PCTa kits for sizes 13F, 16F and 19F. 
  • I'm having problems with flow; what is the rated flow for your catheters?
    OriGen Catheter Flow chart  
  • Is there a patient weight-based catheter sizing chart available for our use?
    The sizing chart is as follows:

    Product Code
    Tip Diameter (F)
    Inserted Length (cm)
     VV28F  28F  22.5
     VV32F  32F  25

    Liquivent & Liquivent-D
  • What is the difference between the two types of perfluorocarbons (PFC's)?
    Perfluorooctylbromide is radiopaque and slightly higher priced than Perfluorodecalin which is radiolucent.
  • What is the indication for use?
    PFC's are indicated for use as an bronchial lavage solution to aid in removing debris, secretions and foreign matter from the lungs and bronchial system.
  • How quickly does it evaporate?
    When used for bronchial lavage, it is instilled into the lungs and suctioned back out.
  • What is a normal dosage?
    10-20cc/kg for bronchial lavage.