EVO Bag for Closed Cell Culture

Intended Use: The Evolve bag is intended for use in cell culture. For single use only.


FDA 510(k) Exempt.

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  • Inert

    Made of EVO, a proprietary copolymer, the Evolve bag contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals which could leach into and alter cell cultures.

  • Gas Permeable – Water Impermeable

    The Evolve bags are gas permeable, and provide a high rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer to cells under culture with low water vapor loss.

  • Needle Free

    Swabable, needle free valves are provided on every bag to preserve sterile access and reduce the chance of needle sticks. These swabable ports maintain sterility of the culture through multiple actuations.

  • User Inspired Design

    Evolve bags are a closed system, which will reduce the possibility of contamination. Manifold sets and tube configurations allow for cell processing via SCD weldable tubing.


Product Use

Product Code

Product Description

Case Qty

EV120+F-M12 EVO Bag, 70-120ml Fill Volume, with luer connections and needle free valve with separate female to male tube set with 12cm of tubing 20
EV1000N EVO Bag,100 -500ml Fill Volume, with one male luer with cap, two female luers  with caps, and a needle-free injection port 12
EV3000N EVO Bag, 500-2000ml Fill Volume, with one male luer with cap, two female luers with caps, and a needle-free injection port 12

In cell culture - what is the benefit of using a closed system?

Bags create a closed system that reduces the possibility of contamination. Swabbable needle-free valves are provided that provide repeated sterile access (and prevent needle sticks). Our cell culture bags have a high optical transmission that allows for the inspection of contents without risking contamination of the culture. The bags are gas-permeable and provide high rates of oxygen transfer to cells under culture. Additionally, water permeability is very low, so water loss is negligible and humidified incubators are not required.

What are the dimensions of a particular Evolve bag?

All sizing information can be found on the product brochure.

What is the expiration date of Evolve Products?

4 years

I have a problem with a product, what is the complaint procedure?

Please report it as soon as possible. Contact the OriGen head office or your sales representative. Please retain the product and its packaging as this will help us in our investigation and findings. All complaints will receive a written or oral response acknowledging receipt of the product and initial findings.

Where can I find the Instructions for Use (IFU) or Certificate of Conformance (CoC) for the product I received?

An IFU and CoC will be in your original shipment box. If these items are misplaced, you can access the IFU and CoC for your OriGen products through the Client Login. If you do not have a current login, you will need to register for an account through that page.

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