Efficient Sealer for Use with CryoStore Freezing Bags

Intended Use: Tube Sealer CR6 is a battery operated sealing unit for EVA, PVC/EVA coextrusion and PVC blood bag tubes or sets for cryopreservation.


FDA Registered.

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  • Seals OriGen Tubing

    The Tube Sealer CR6 is capable of sealing tubing including OriGen’s EVA, EVA/PVC coextrusions, and PVC tubing. It can be used with CryoStore™ Freezing Bags. The Tube Sealer CR6 can seal standard PVC tubing.
  • Mobile

    The Tube Sealer CR6 has a power unit with batteries and control unit monitored by microprocessor. The unit comes with a battery charger as well.
  • Easy to Use

    Simply place the tube between the sealing handle’s electrodes and close the leaver. The light on the handle will turn on when sealing begins and off when it is complete. Remove the tube after one additional second. Follow bag recommendations for proper seal placement.
  • 1-2 Second Seal Time

    Seal time is an automatic 1-2 second seal time. It is recommended that you conduct less than one seal every three seconds or a maximum of 50 seals in a sequence with a 15 minute rest after that.


Product Use

Product Code

Product Description

CR6 CR6 Sealer with smooth seal
CR6P CR6 Sealer with perforated seam through the seal
CR6-bag Carry case for mobile use

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