Efficient Sealer for Use with CryoStore Freezing Bags

The Tube Sealer CR6 is a battery-operated sealing unit for EVA, PVC/EVA coextrusion, and PVC blood bag tubes or sets for cryopreservation.


FDA 510(k) Exempt.

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  • Seals OriGen Biomedical® Tubing

    The Tube Sealer CR6 can seal standard PVC tubing, as well as OriGen Biomedical EVA, EVA/PVC coextrusions, and PVC tubing. It can be used with CryoStore Freezing Bags, CryoStore 25 Freezing Bags, CryoStore Conical Freezing Bags, Accessory Sets, PermaLife Cell Culture Bags, and Evolve Cell Culture Bags.

  • Mobile

    The Tube Sealer CR6 has a power unit with batteries and a control unit monitored by a microprocessor. It also comes with a battery charger.

  • Easy to Use

    Simply place the tube between the sealing handle’s electrodes and close the lever. The light on the handle will turn on when sealing begins and off when it is complete. Remove the tube after one additional second. Follow bag recommendations for proper seal placement.

  • 1-2 Second Seal Time

    Seal time is an automatic 1-2 second seal time. It is recommended to conduct less than one seal every three seconds or a maximum of 50 seals in a sequence, with a 15-minute rest after that.


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Product Use

Product Code

Product Description

CR6 CR6 Sealer with smooth seal
CR6P CR6 Sealer with perforated seam through the seal

What is the difference between the CR6 and the CR6-P?

The only difference is that CR6 Sealer has a smooth seal, and the CR6-P has a perforated seam through the seal.

What is the delivery date for the equipment?

Shipment is generally within two weeks after the order is placed.

Where can I find replacement parts?

OriGen offers many spare parts, including replacement batteries, battery chargers, handles, and cables. Please contact us for additional parts.

What materials can be sealed with the CR6?

It can seal PVC, PVC/EVA co-extrusions, and most EVA tubing with a nominal diameter of 4 mm.

What is the width of the seal?

The width of the seal is fixed at about 3 mm.

What are the main power supply specifications?

The CR6 is battery operated (NiMh battery pack 24V/ 3,8Ah).

How many seals can I get with fully a fully charged battery?

With a new and fully charged battery, the CR6 can make approximately 1,500 seals in 4-5 mm PVC tubes on one charge. This high capacity makes the CR6 suitable for use in a mobile or stationary capacity. However, the sealer should cool at least one minute after making multiple seals to produce consistent, reliable seals.

How long does it take the battery to charge?

A battery with a capacity of 25% (red LED) requires 6-8 hours to fully charge.

How long should the included batteries last?

The working life of the batteries depends on the number of recharge cycles, the surrounding temperature, and the temperature rise that occurs when batteries are charging. The typical expected working life is 3 years with a charging frequency of 200 cycles per year at 25ºC. Deep discharging (allowing the battery to be at 0-5% capacity) or overcharging (leaving the system plugged in continuously) will shorten the battery life.

What type of functional testing is done before the unit is shipped?

We do five test seals of each type of tubing, before sending the product out. Every seal sample is QA-checked before the unit is boxed up and closed.

Is there a warranty for the CR6?

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty from the date of delivery from OriGen.

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