TissueVault Cryogenic Freezing Bag

Intended Use: The OriGen TissueVault Freezing Bags are intended to freeze cells and tissues.


FDA Sterile, Class 1. CE Marked.

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  • Protect Your Tissue

    Ethyl Vinyl Olefin (EVO) polymer contains no plasticizers or chemical residuals and is biocompatible. It is ideal for long term cryogenic storage of solid tissue or bone.
  • Safe and Easy to Use

    The TissueVault seals at 105°C, and is simple to seal with any standard lab sealer. To open the bag after thawing, cut the top seal off.


Product Use


Product Code

Width, cm (open width)

Length, cm


TV0909 9 9 Pouch of 1
TV0918 9 18 Pouch of 1
TV1430 14 30 Pouch of 1
TV1950 19 50 Pouch of 1
TV2436 24 36 Pouch of 1

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