TissueVault Cryogenic Freezing Bag

Intended Use: The OriGen Biomedical® TissueVault™ freezing bags are intended for use in freezing cells and tissues.


FDA 510(k) Exempt. CE Marked.

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  • Protect Your Tissue

    Ethyl Vinyl Olefin (EVO) polymer contains no plasticizers and is biologically safe for its intended use. It is ideal for long-term cryogenic storage of irregularly shaped solid tissue or bone.

  • Available in a Variety of Sizes

    The TissueVault bag comes in a variety of sizes and can be sealed to fit the tissue for storage.

  • Safe and Easy to Use

    The TissueVault seals at approximately 105°C and is simple to seal with many standard lab sealers. To open the bag after thawing, simply cut the top seal off.

  • Easy Observation

    Although the TissueVault Bag has a matte finish, it is translucent and allows for easy observation of the tissue through the film.


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Product Use


Product Code

Width, cm (open width)

Length, cm


TV0909 9 9 Pouch of 1
TV0918 9 18 Pouch of 1
TV1430 14 30 Pouch of 1
TV1950 19 50 Pouch of 1
TV2436 24 36 Pouch of 1

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