An Optimal Way to Protect Critical Cell Cultures

Intended Use: OriGen PermaLife Cell Culture Storage Bags are indicated for use in protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissues.


FDA 510K. CE Marked.

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  • User Inspired Design

    A sterile, needle-free, luer-actuated adapter is attached to each bag. This self-sealing valve makes it easy to feed and harvest sensitive cells.
  • Gas Permeable – Water Impermeable

    Fluoroethyl polymer (FEP) film is gas permeable and gas transfer rates for oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are well-established. However, FEP film is practically impermeable to water so water losses from the cell culture are negligible. Humidified incubators – potential sources of mold and contamination – are not necessary.
  • Observe Your Culture

    The PermaLife bag has an optical transmission of greater than 95%. Observation of cell cultures under a microscope is easy, and can be done without risking contamination of the sample.
  • Inert

    FEP film has no plasticizers, and is chemically and biologically inert, so the bag will not alter the culture or the medium. FEP film neither combines with any element, nor gives up any components of its own to the solution held in the cell culture bag.


Product Use

Product Code

Working Volume, ml


PL07-2G 10 Stock
PL30-2G 40 Stock
PL70-2G 100 Stock
PL120-2G 150 Stock
PL240-2G 300 Stock
PL325-2G 450 Stock
PL500P-2G 750 Non-Stock
PL750-2G 1000 Stock
PL1000P-2G 1500 Stock
PL2000P2-2G 3000 Stock

The part numbers have changed for PermaLife products. Where can I learn about the change to the PermaLife Bag?

OriGen Biomedical published a Technical Bulletin regarding the PermaLife product code changes in November 2017. The previous PermaLife bags came with a green vent cap which has now been eliminated from the “2G” PermaLife bags. More information regarding the rationale for the removal of the green vent cap can be found on the Technical Bulletin page under the title: November 2017 – PermaLife Green Vent Cap Removal. Login or registration is required to access the page.

In cell culture - what is the benefit of using a bag vs a flask?

Bags create a closed system that reduces possibility of contamination. Swabbable needle-free valves are provided that provide repeated sterile access (and prevent needle-sticks). Our cell culture bags have high optical transmission that allows for inspection of contents without risking contamination of the culture. The bags are gas permeable and provide high rates of oxygen transfer to cells under culture. Additionally, water permeability is very low, so water loss is negligible and humidifed incubators are not required.

What is the expiration date of PermaLife Products?

PermaLife Products: 4 years

I have a problem with a product, what is the complaint procedure?

Please report it as soon as possible. Contact the OriGen head office or your sales representative. Please retain the product and its packaging as this will help us in our investigation and findings. All complaints will receive a written or oral response acknowledging receipt of the product and initial findings.

Where can I find the Instructions for Use (IFU) or Certificate of Conformance (CoC) for the product I received?

An IFU and CoC will be in your original shipment box. If these items are misplaced, you can access the IFU and CoC for your OriGen products through the Client Login. If you do not have a current login, you will need to register for an account through that page.

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