Streamline the Processing of Stem Cell Products

Indication: The OriGen Accessory Sets are accessories intended to be used to access bags and transfer fluid to and from the CryoStore™ bags.


CE Marked

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  • Individually Packaged & Sterile

    Manifold sets are packed in a Tyvek® peel pouch and sold sterile. You will only need to open the product that you need, when you need it; potentially reducing waste.

  • Closed System Processing

    Designed to be sterile docked to both your processing bags and CryoStore™ freezing bags for closed system aseptic transfer of products, eliminating the need for a clean room.


Part Listing

Product Code


Case Qty


4S-4M60 Four spikes to four male luers with 60cm SCD tubing, roller and pinch clamps 12 Stock
4S-M40 Four spikes to one male luer with 40cm SCD tubing 12 Non-Stock
F-8S100 One female luer to eight spikes with 100cm SCD tubing and pinch clamps 12 Non-Stock

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