Product Protection for Ease of Mind

Intended Use: The OriGen O-Wrap™ is intended to contain other freezing bags to protect them in long term frozen storage. The O-Wrap™ bag is suitable for direct use in liquid nitrogen freezing applications. Contraindicated for other uses.


CE Marked.

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  • Protect Primary Cryogenic Bag

    The O-Wrap™ Bag provides an additional layer of protection for CryoStore™ Freezing Bags and provides peace of mind regarding product storage. O-Wrap™ Bag is ideally suited for storage at low temperatures, including down to liquid nitrogen.
  • Safe & Easy to Use

    O-Wrap™ Bags are made of EVO copolymer and sealed on three sides. The O-Wrap™ bag is easily sealed with a standard RF impulse sealer. The O-Wrap™ bag has greater than 90% optical transmission, making inspection of the labels easy, even when frozen.


Product Use

Product Code

Width (cm)

Length (cm)

Recommended With


OW0419 4 19 Cryovials Stock
OW0909 9 9 CS25, PL07 Stock
OW0918 9 18 CS25, CS50, PL07 Stock
OW1430 14 30 CS250-CS750; PL30-PL120 Stock
OW1430T* 14 30 CS250-CS750; PL30-PL120 Non-Stock
OW1936 19 36 CS1000; PL240-PL325 Stock
OW1950 19 50 CS1000 Stock
OW2436 24 36 CS2000N Stock

* Overwrap with two pockets created from three layers of material.

Stock items are ready to ship within 3 business days. Non-stock items take 16 weeks to produce with a required minimum order quantity.

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