Regenerative medicine includes treatments like gene therapies, cell therapies, and tissue-engineered products. They’re meant to improve, repair, replace, or renew organs, tissues, cells, genes, and metabolic processes in the body. The aim of regenerative medicine is to change how we treat illnesses by focusing on their root causes. OriGen Biomedical has a number of products that can be utilized in regenerative medicine to research, create, and produce these life-changing therapies.

Cell Therapy Essentials

OriGen Biomedical provides a number of products that can be utilized in the laboratory in the process of producing cell therapies. Click to learn more and see which products are available for your laboratory. See individual products for the specific intended use.

Phase 1: Apheresis & Cell Separation
Phase 2: Transport
Phase 3: Gene Modification
Phase 4: Modified T-Cell Expansion
Phase 5: Harvest Cells
Phase 6: Transport
Phase 7: Infusion