OriGen Biomedical, Inc. is a leading producer of cryopreservation, cell culture, and respiratory products. OriGen’s focus is to produce a range of products to support the treatment of respiratory distress, cancer, genetic conditions, and other life threatening diseases. Our products are designed with the patient and user in mind and we strive to maintain excellent customer service to ensure that patient care is the priority.

OriGen Biomedical is a growing, privately-held medical device manufacturer founded in 1997 and headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our engineers have extensive experience with dozens of different specialty medical devices. Quality is the foundation of all product designs at OriGen, and each product is produced with the intention that it will improve patient health. OriGen is certified annually to ISO 13485 standards, and regularly inspected by the FDA, MDSAP, ISO-certification organizations, and our customers.

OriGen produces Liquivent (perfluorocarbon) lung lavage solutions to clear debris from the lungs when indicated (for research use only in the United States).

OriGen’s Cryopreservation line includes the CryoStore EVA freezing bag, CryoStore Conical Freezing Bag, CryoStore Multi-Chamber Freezing Bag, O-Wrap overwrap bags, SteriZip Overpouch, CryoPur DMSO Solutions, Tissue Vault, and a variety of accessories for every customer’s need.

OriGen’s Cell Culture line includes the PermaLife FEP cell culture and freezing bag, the Evolve EVO cell culture bag, and a variety of accessories.

Our European office and distribution center serves to reduce the time to patient by providing stock products for quicker turnaround times out of Germany.

Regulatory and Accreditation information can be found here.

Vision Statement

To be the supplier of choice for medical devices used within cell and gene therapy, to support transformational therapies across the world, and to be the Austin company most admired for its people, partnership, and performance.

Our Credo

We believe that our primary responsibility is to the patients who ultimately receive our product. We must constantly work to improve the quality and reduce the cost of our products. Our orders must be filled promptly and accurately, with everyone making a fair profit in the transaction.

Our second responsibility is to our staff, the men and women who work for OriGen. Each should have a sense of security in their job, fair and adequate wages, clean and orderly working conditions. Management must be qualified and just, and the working environment pleasant. Advancement for each person is considered on their individual merit.

Our next responsibility is to be a good corporate citizen. To support our community through works of charity and civic improvement, and to pay our fair share of taxes. We should all promote health, education and good government within our community.

Our last responsibility is to our shareholders. We must make a reasonable profit so reserves can be created, research can be continued, mistakes paid for, experiments begun and new products constantly developed.

All these responsibilities are the responsibility of each individual employee of OriGen, and we should collectively and individually work to fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.

User Inspired Design Commitment

We strive to find product solutions to make your operations more intuitive, safer and more efficient. OriGen’s engineers will work with you to develop products that fit your lab practices, not make you change your practices to fit the products. Contact the OriGen home office or your sales representative to find out additional information on this process.

Quality Commitment

Product quality is the foundation of all product designs at OriGen, and each product is produced with the intention that it will improve patient health. OriGen is certified annually to ISO13485 standards, and regularly inspected by the FDA, ISO-certification organizations, and our customers.

Customer Commitment

We offer superior products and real customer service. We listen to our customers and work with them to develop products that meet their needs. OriGen is not just another supplier; we are a partner committed to providing you with solutions tailored to your organization. As an OriGen customer, you can be sure the same attention to detail has gone into every product with the OriGen label.