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Handling Guidelines for Optimum Use When Using Your PermaLife Cell Culture Bag

News & Insights

OriGen PermaLife cell culture bags provide a high-quality, scalable solution for your cell therapy needs, including the harvesting, expanding, concentrating, and freezing of critical cell cultures. PermaLife bags are made of a fluoroethyl polymer (FEP) film that is gas permeable, transparent, biocompatible, and chemically inert. The single-use disposable bags are provided sterile and a swabable needle-free port is attached to each bag.

PermaLife bags are used in cell culture applications which exposes the bags to numerous handling conditions and manipulations during routine use. As with all cell culture products, an abundance of caution should be taken to ensure handling does not affect product integrity. OriGen has validated that our bags and ports maintain integrity after numerous routine simulated use conditions as found in typical end-user environments. However, mishandling of the bag by the user can create leaks that occur on the circumference of the port and weld, on the weld near the port, or along the side seams.

OriGen has identified optimum handling guidelines to help prevent undesired outcomes from occurring during use. Please consider integrating these handling guidelines into your institutional protocols and training to keep your cell cultures safe.

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