Our technology speaks for itself... and so do the results.
OriGen manufactures two types of Cryopreservation bags: the Cryostore EVA bag and PermaLife FEP cell culture and freezing bag.

The OriGen Cryostore Freezing Bag is a safe, economical way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated.

O-Wrap bags
Overwrap bags for protection of other bags and your products in cryopreservation.

Sterile, zippered pouch with numerous applications.

CryoPur DMSO solutions
OriGen offers a wide variety of DMSO-based cryopreservation solutions in a number of different packages. 

Kapton and FEP bags for cryopreservation of cells and solid tissues.

EVO bags for cryopreservation of solid tissues.  These are easy to  seal and are optically clear.

Tube Sealer

Battery operated sealing unit for EVA, PVC/EVA coextrusion and PVC blood bag tubes or sets for cryopreservation.

Accessory sets

Adapter sets and tubes to connect your products and transfer contents