Available in North & South America and select International locations. Please call for availability. 

Tube Sealer

Tube Sealer CR6 is a battery operated sealing unit for EVA, PVC/EVA coextrusion and PVC blood bag tubes or sets for cryopreservation. 

Below are examples of seals on the three types of OriGen tubes: 


Tube Sealer CR6 is comprised of three components:

  • Sealing handle with 6' coax cable
  • Power unit with batteries and control unit monitored by microprocessor
  • Battery charger 
Sealing Recommendations:
  • Remove all moisture from the outside of the tube prior to sealing.
  • Never stretch the tube during sealing.
  • Seals should be made staight across, flat, and in line with the spike port wings. (see image below)
  • To ensure proper fit in cryostorage cassettes, place a heat seal on the donor tube as close to the stub tube as possible, below the top of the spike ports. (see image below)
  • Add a second seal closely above the first seal.  The second seal should be no higher than the height of the two spike ports. (see image below)
  • Do not tear or pull seals apart as this can result in a jagged edge and may break open the seal, causing it to leak.  Cut the sealed tube through the middle of the distal (top) seal.
  • Maximum tube thickness (outside diameter) is 6mm.