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A Journey Through CAR T Therapy with OriGen Biomedical

News & Insights

CAR T-cell therapy is a revolutionary advancement in cancer treatment that provides hope to patients with difficult diagnoses. With this ground-breaking method, cancer cells are specifically targeted and destroyed by the immune system. OriGen Biomedical is proud to be a part of this incredible process, manufacturing products that complement CAR T-cell therapy at every step. See how OriGen Biomedical® products are helping transform the landscape of immuno-oncology and empowering clinicians and researchers alike.

The Journey Begins: Apheresis and Cell Separation

The process of CAR T-cell therapy begins with apheresis, where blood is drawn from the patient and T cells are separated from the bloodstream. OriGen Biomedical CryoStore Freezing Bags, CryoPur™ Solutionsand various Accessories play a vital role in preserving these isolated T cells, ensuring their viability and integrity throughout transportation and processing.

Activating the Immune Response: T Cell Activation

Once isolated, T cells undergo activation to enhance their ability to target cancer cells effectively. CryoStore Freezing Bags provide a safe environment for storing T cells before activation, setting the stage for a robust immune response against cancer.

Empowering T Cells: CAR T-Cell Transduction

In the next phase, T cells are genetically modified to express chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), enabling them to recognize and attack cancer cells. PermaLife™ Cell Culture Bags offer a sterile and closed environment for efficient CAR T-cell transduction, ensuring the integrity of the therapeutic cells.

Fueling Growth: Cell Expansion

To generate a sufficient quantity of therapeutic T cells for infusion, the genetically modified T cells undergo exponential expansion. PermaLife™ Cell Culture Bags provide the optimal conditions for cell growth, facilitating scalability and ensuring the production of high-quality CAR T-cell therapies.

Harvesting Hope: Cell Harvesting and Infusion

As the journey nears its conclusion, expanded and activated T cells are harvested from culture and prepared for infusion back into the patient. CryoStore Freezing Bags serve as the final product bag for cell therapy, ensuring safe transportation to the clinical site for infusion. With the therapy administered, the CAR T cells embark on their mission to seek out and destroy cancer cells within the patient’s body.

The journey through CAR T-cell therapy is one marked by innovation, collaboration, and hope. At every step of this process, OriGen Biomedical’s products are critical tools that enable researchers and clinicians to push the boundaries of immuno-oncology. As we continue to unlock the full potential of CAR T-cell therapy, OriGen remains committed to empowering cell-based therapies and improving outcomes for patients worldwide.

To learn more about OriGen Biomedical and our contributions to cell-based therapies, contact us today. Together, let’s drive progress and inspire change in the fight against cancer.

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