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Elevating Quality Control Through CryoStore FLEX Bags: A Superior Choice Over Cryovials for Cell Storage

News & Insights

In the realm of quality control for cell storage, the chosen container can significantly impact the accuracy and reliability of results. As technology advances, researchers and professionals are presented with a range of options, including cryopreservation bags (cryobags) and cryopreservation vials (cryovials). Cryopreservation bags, like OriGen’s CryoStore FLEX Bag, are a superior choice for enhancing quality control practices. There are distinct advantages of utilizing cryopreservation bags for quality control applications, highlighting how they contribute to accurate, efficient, and standardized cell storage procedures.

Optimal Sample Integrity

Ensuring the integrity of samples is the foundation of quality control, and our CryoStore FLEX Bags excel in this aspect. They are crafted from materials specifically designed to safeguard cell viability and lessen contamination during storage. Unlike traditional cryovials, which may introduce variability due to size differences, inadequate sealing, and often being stored in an entirely separate tank, CryoStore FLEX Bags fit into the same size cassette as a CryoStore CS50 bag. This allows for cold storage next to the final product and eliminates the need for separate cryovials and cold vial storage. It can be stored in the same rack and same tank as the final cell product, ensuring the quality control samples are truly representative of the final cell product.

Precise Volume Management

Quality control procedures demand precision and consistency in sample handling. The CryoStore FLEX Bag can be filled and sealed into separate 4-6ml chambers for flexible utilization post-thaw without compromising the integrity of the rest of the cellular product. This versatility ensures that you can accurately control the amount of material being used, leading to standardized quality control processes and reliable results.

Streamlined Workflow

CryoStore FLEX Bags are designed for user convenience and efficiency, which is crucial in quality control applications. The CryoStore FLEX Bag has a convenient flat bag design and is easy to de-bubble and seal. Multiple chambers are filled from a single location and the channel located at the bottom of the bag allows for easy heat seals between each chamber with a standard tube sealer. And most importantly of all, unlike cryovials, CryoStore FLEX Bags operate as a closed system. CryoStore FLEX can be sterile welded, whereas cryovials require pipettes to access their contents. This streamlined workflow allows quality control personnel to focus on the task at hand, minimizing procedural errors and contamination.

Enhanced Thawing and Recovery

When it comes to quality control assessments, the consistency of sample recovery is paramount. CryoStore FLEX Bags are engineered to promote uniform thawing and efficient sample recovery. The thin, flat design of the bags ensures that cells thaw quickly and evenly, minimizing the risk of cellular stress and ensuring that quality control assessments are conducted using samples in their most representative state.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The reliability of quality control data hinges on the consistency of sample preservation and storage. CryoStore FLEX Bags offer a standardized and reproducible method of cell storage, reducing the potential for variability introduced by using different vial sizes, materials, or storage tanks. This consistency empowers quality control professionals to make informed decisions based on robust, reproducible data, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the entire quality control process.


Choosing cryopreservation bags over vials can also offer cost-effective benefits. CryoStore FLEX Bags will require less storage space due to their compact design and the option to store directly with the final cell product, leading to reduced storage costs. Additionally, the enhanced quality control of the CryoStore FLEX Bags should lessen sample loss, reducing reworks and downtime in the lab.

OriGen’s CryoStore FLEX Bags are an exceptional choice for quality control applications in cell storage. Their ability to preserve sample integrity, facilitate precise volume management, streamline workflows, and ensure consistent thawing and recovery positions them as a superior option for quality-conscious laboratories, cell banks, biotechs, and the like. By adopting the CryoStore FLEX Bags as the preferred method for cell storage, quality control professionals can elevate their processes, enhance the accuracy of their assessments, and contribute to the overall success of their quality control initiatives, which will improve patient outcomes.