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Exploring the Advantages of OriGen Biomedical® FEP and EVO Cell Culture Bags

News & Insights

In the dynamic field of cell culture, choosing the right tools can significantly impact the quality and success of your research. As a trusted manufacturer of medical devices, including cryopreservation bags, cell culture bags, and single-use disposable accessories, we understand the importance of innovation in advancing scientific exploration. We will delve into the advantages of two reliable options for cell culture bags: FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), which is what our PermaLife™ product lines is made of, and EVO (a proprietary copolymer) which is what our Evolve™ product line is made of, and how both products can elevate your research to new heights.

FEP Cell Culture Bags: Precision and Purity

FEP, a high-performance fluoropolymer, has gained prominence in cell culture applications due to its exceptional properties. Here’s how FEP cell culture bags can benefit your research:

  • Biocompatibility: FEP is known for its remarkable biocompatibility, making it an ideal material for cell culture. It minimizes the risk of unwanted interactions between the bag material and the cultured cells, improving the potential that your results are accurate and reliable.
  • Optical Clarity: FEP offers exceptional optical clarity, allowing for easy visualization of your cultured cells without the need for sample removal. This feature facilitates non-invasive monitoring and assessment of cell growth and behavior over time.
  • Gas Permeability: FEP is permeable to gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This permeability supports optimal cell growth by allowing for efficient gas exchange within the culture environment, promoting healthier cell development.
  • Scalability: FEP bags are available in various sizes, from small-scale research to large-scale production. This scalability is valuable for transitioning from laboratory-scale experiments to industrial production.

EVO Cell Culture Bags: Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

EVO, a copolymer, is a proprietary material of OriGen and offers its own set of advantages for cell culture applications:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: EVO is often a more cost-effective option compared to other materials. It provides researchers with a budget-friendly solution for conducting cell culture experiments without compromising on quality.
  • Flexibility: EVO cell culture bags are known for their flexibility and pliability, allowing them to conform to various shapes and sizes. This adaptability is particularly useful when working with different cell types and culture configurations.
  • Gas Permeability: Similar to FEP, EVO also exhibits desirable gas permeability properties. This enables efficient gas exchange within the culture environment, supporting optimal cell growth and metabolic activity.
  • Chemically Inert: EVO cell culture bags contain no plasticizers or chemical residuals that could leach into and alter cell cultures.

For more information on EVO, please see our white paper titled EVO Film Biocompatibility, WP1403[01], located on the client dashboard.


In the dynamic landscape of cell culture, the choice between FEP and EVO cell culture bags can significantly influence the outcomes of your research. Both materials offer similar advantages, catering to different experimental needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize traditional materials and optical clarity (FEP) or flexibility and cost-effectiveness (EVO), our range of OriGen Biomedical® cell culture bags is designed to empower your scientific journey.

At OriGen, we are committed to providing researchers with innovative tools that amplify the possibilities of discovery. Whichever path you choose, FEP or EVO, rest assured that you’re equipping yourself with a tool designed to enhance the reliability and success of your critical cell cultures.

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