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OriGen Biomedical Announces Closure of St. Elmo Manufacturing Facility 

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AUSTIN, August 2022: OriGen Biomedical, Inc., a leading producer of cryopreservation, cell culture, and respiratory products, announced today that the St. Elmo Manufacturing Site, located at 2301 East St. Elmo Rd, Bldg One, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78744, USA has ceased all production activities and shutdown. The closure of the facility will affect no customers or employees.

With the current supply chain disruptions and capacity constraints, the St. Elmo facility had been underutilized. OriGen has implemented a number of strategies to overcome these challenges including, but not limited to, active recruitment in production and overtime to increase product throughput, and automation initiatives. The decision ensures the company will be better able to fully utilize the capacity of its remaining Burleson facility and contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve profitability and cash flow generation while supplying critical cell therapy products used in the process to save lives across the globe.

“The plant closure will allow us to improve our asset utilization and focus on efficiency to increase throughput,” said CEO and President, Beth San Segundo. “Consistent with our ongoing continuous improvement initiatives to improve our overall cost structure and production capacity through various methods including facility rationalization, OriGen thoroughly evaluated several alternatives to address the under-utilization of the St. Elmo facility. After careful deliberation, we feel that this plan represents the quickest and lowest risk option to achieve our long-term strategic objectives.”

The St. Elmo facility was operated under the same Quality Management System and managed by the same executive leadership team as the Burleson facility. This included manufacturing using the same production procedures, quality procedures, and cGMP guidelines as those used at the Burleson facility. All processes, equipment, and product specifications were duplicated at the St. Elmo facility, resulting in no changes to the design or manufacturing process of the OriGen products produced at St. Elmo.

All products produced at the St. Elmo facility are clearly marked on the label and differ in no way from those manufactured at the Burleson facility. OriGen plans to move any existing product over to the Burleson facility and ship out to customers as ordered.

If you have any questions regarding the closure of the St. Elmo facility, please contact us. Thank you for your continued partnership.
About OriGen Biomedical
OriGen Biomedical, Inc. is a leading producer of cryopreservation, cell culture, and intensive respiratory care products. OriGen’s focus is to produce a range of products to support the treatment of cancer, genetic conditions, and other life-threatening diseases. Our products are designed with the patient and user in mind and we strive to maintain excellent customer service to ensure that patient care is the priority. Quality is the foundation of all product designs at OriGen, and each product is produced with the intention that it will improve patient health. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, OriGen is certified annually to ISO 13485 standards and regularly inspected by the FDA, MDSAP, ISO certification organizations, and our customers. Follow us on LinkedIn here.

Kirsten Krupps – Product Marketing Manager
OriGen Biomedical, Inc.

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