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The Lab is Everything: The Forefront of Saving Lives

News & Insights

In commemorating the 49th Annual Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (MLPW) and echoing the theme “The Lab is Everything,” OriGen Biomedical celebrated the occasion from April 14-20, 2024.[1] As an annual tribute occurring during the final weeks of April, Lab Week is a crucial moment to show recognition and gratitude for the vital contributions of medical laboratory professionals. Initially founded in 1975 as National Medical Laboratory Week, this week of observance garners unwavering backing from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). It is sponsored and orchestrated by a coalition of 17 prominent national clinical laboratory organizations.[1]

“The laboratory is the cornerstone of modern medicine, where critical diagnoses are made based on accurate specimen testing.”[2] Since the pandemic’s onset, awareness regarding laboratories’ pivotal role has grown significantly. Astonishing data reveals that 70% of present-day medical decisions rely on laboratory test findings. Furthermore, the 260,000 certified laboratories across the U.S. serve as the foundation of diagnostic medicine, conducting roughly 14 billion laboratory tests annually.[3] Ensuring safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in laboratory testing is imperative to effectively diagnose and treat diseases.

In celebration of Lab Week 2024, OriGen Biomedical extended heartfelt gestures of appreciation to our laboratory customers, presenting them with OriGen-branded hats and Malibu Barbie-themed stress balls, all resonating with the theme of “The Lab is Everything,” which is a nod to the Barbie film that was released last year. We are deeply grateful for their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to their work, which is instrumental in saving lives. Throughout Lab Week, OriGen spread awareness about the importance of laboratory professionals internally to our staff and employees also proudly wore pink or dressed in Malibu Ken attire, symbolizing our solidarity with the remarkable endeavors undertaken by lab professionals who rely on our products daily. 

Our President & CEO, Beth San Segundo, along with our Associate Director of Sales, Tonia Wilson, and our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Mike Villarreal, represented OriGen Biomedical in showcasing their unwavering commitment to Lab Week at the EBMT tradeshow in Glasgow. They leaned into the theme of “The Lab is Everything” by wearing pink, showcasing our dedication to honoring laboratory professionals and their invaluable contributions. 

At OriGen, we deeply value the pivotal roles fulfilled by medical laboratory professionals, understanding that many among our clientele operate within cell therapy labs, academic hospital-based cellular therapy laboratories, or transfusion medicine labs across multi-site hospital settings. These dedicated individuals are the backbone of pioneering therapeutic developments and significantly influence clinical diagnostics and patient welfare. OriGen takes immense pride in championing these unsung heroes of healthcare, whose diligent efforts behind the scenes encompass a multitude of tests and analyses, guiding physicians’ informed decisions and ultimately contributing to life-saving outcomes. Their work is crucial to the healthcare industry and integral to the success of our products and services.


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