Efficient Cell Processing through Appropriate Adapters

Indication: The OriGen Accessory Sets are accessories intended to be used for fluid transfer.


CE Marked

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  • Individually Packed & Sterile

    Tube Adapters are packed individually in a Tyvek® peel pouch and sold sterile. You will only need to open the product that you need, when you need it; potentially reducing waste.

  • Ease of Use

    Intuitive product design with variations to provide easiest access to products and CryoStore™ Bags.


Part Listing

Product Code


Case Quantity


12-F-M One female luer to one male luer with 12cm tubing, 100% DMSO resistant 50 Non-Stock
2M-F17 Two male luers to one female luer with 17cm of tubing, 100% DMSO resistant 20  Non-Stock 
 2M-M17 Two male luers to one male luer with 17cm of tubing, 100% DMSO resistant  20  Non-Stock
 24-T-3T Three 12cm SCD tube leads to one 12cm SCD tube lead  20  Non-Stock

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