Flexibility in Solid Tissue Preservation

Intended Use: OriGen CryoBag™ Cell Storage Bags are indicated for use in protecting, storing and freezing cells and tissues. For single use only. Contraindicated for other uses.


FDA 510K

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  • Protect Your Tissue

    Designed for cryogenic preservation of solid tissue including direct immersion in liquid nitrogen. CryoBag™ is ideally suited for storage at low temperatures, including liquid nitrogen.

  • Safe & Easy to Use

    CryoBag™ is Kapton® and FEP, which has exceptional biocompatibility. The outer layer is Kapton® which is gas impermeable, making the bag excellent for direct immersion in liquid nitrogen. Where immersion in vapor phase is required, a self-adhesive tape seal is available. When storing in liquid phase nitrogen, a standard heat seal is recommended.


Product Use

Product Code

Width, cm

Length, cm


CB0915 9 15.0 Non-Stock
CB1016 9.5 15.5 Non-Stock
CB1428 14 27.5 Non-Stock
CB1936 19 36 Non-Stock

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