The Right Combination of Flexibility and Design to be Ideal for VV ECMO

Indication: The OriGen Reinforced Dual Lumen Cannula is indicated for use as a single cannula for both venous drainage and re-infusion of blood in the internal jugular vein during extracorporeal life support procedures. Contraindicated for other uses. For procedures of six hours or less.


FDA 510K

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  • Veno-Venous Access

    Ideally suited for the simultaneous drainage and reinfusion of blood through a dual lumen design in the right atrium during ECMO procedures.

  • Balanced Design

    This catheter design has the right combination of flexibility, bend radius, collapse resistance, and recovery from kinking to be ideal for ECMO with centrifugal or roller pumps. A wire-reinforced soft polymer tip resists suction pressure during the ECMO procedure.

  • Radiopaque

    The tip section of the catheter is radiopaque, visible under radiograph/fluoroscopy. However, the catheter can be inserted without the need for radiograph/fluoroscopy utilizing the graduation marks on the catheter.

  • Neonatal, Pediatric, and Adult Catheters

    Available in a range of sizes: 13F – 32F

Product Use

Product Code

Tip Diameter, F

Inserted Length, cm

VV13F 13F 8.2
VV16F 16F 9.5
VV19F 19F 13.7
VV23F 23F 18.2
VV28F 28F 22.5
VV32F 32F 25.0

Where can I find more information about the OriGen RDLC ECMO Catheter Recall?

Information regarding the recall can be found here. If you have a product that was recalled and would like additional information regarding returning the product, please contact OriGen through the contact information page.

Is the VV13F currently in stock?

The OriGen Biomedical Reinforced Dual Lumen Catheter in 13F is currently not in stock. The product will be available by the end of 2018.

Is the VV19F currently in stock?

The OriGen Biomedical Reinforced Dual Lumen Catheter in 19F is currently not in stock. The product will be available by the end of 2018.

Do you have percutaneous introducer (PCT) kits?

A PCT Kit is available for all OriGen Catheter sizes (13F-32F).

I'm having problems with flow; what is the rated flow for your catheters?

OriGen has flow charts available for the catheter located here. Login is required. 

What is the expiration date of the OriGen Catheters?

Catheters: 4 years

Where can I find the ELSO Guidelines for ECMO procedures?

The ELSO Guidelines can be found here.

I have a problem with a product, what is the complaint procedure?

Please report it as soon as possible. Contact the OriGen head office. Please retain the product and its packaging as this will help us in our investigation and findings. All complaints will receive a written or oral response acknowledging receipt of the product and initial findings.

Where can I find the Instructions for Use (IFU) or Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for the product I received?

An IFU and CoA will be in your original shipment box. If these items are misplaced, you can access the IFU and CoA for your OriGen products through the Client Login. If you do not have a current login, you will need to register for an account through that page.

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