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Cord Blood Awareness Month 2021

News & Insights

As July, Cord Blood Awareness Month, approaches its end, OriGen Biomedical would like to raise awareness and emphasize life-saving properties of umbilical cord blood, an established source of hematopoietic stem cells for transplantation. More than 95% of all cord blood in the US is historically discarded as medical waste, despite its ability to treat more than 80 diseases, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and certain immune system or genetic metabolic disorders. Numerous ongoing clinical trials are studying the effectiveness of cord blood in treatment, and new conditions that can be treated with cord blood are constantly being identified.

Only 30% of patients who need a stem cell transplant have a matching donor in their family. One of the benefits of cord blood transplants is that the donor and patient do not have to be exactly matched. Out of all cord blood units collected, over 6,750,000 are stored in private banks, and only 756,000 units are stored in public banks. Donating baby’s cord blood to a public bank gives patients in need of a transplant a second chance at life.

Cord blood banks use various processing and storage methods as well as different containers and cryoprotectants. OriGen Biomedical delivers a comprehensive suite of products for small volume cryopreservation. CryoStore™ Multi-Chamber Freezing Bags are the next generation single-use disposables with five 4-6ml chambers allowing for multiple post-thaw applications. In addition, OriGen supplies CryoPur™ DMSO cryopreservation solutions and accessories for fluid transfer to simplify the cryopreservation process.

Discover more about cord blood, banking, and public donations by visiting HRSA Blood Stem Cell Website, Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, Be the Match, and AABB’s Cord Blood Web Page.

In observance of Cord Blood Awareness Month, we gathered facts about cord blood donation in the infographic below.

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