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OriGen Leadership Transition

News & Insights

Austin, TX, JUNE 2019 | OriGen Biomedical is announcing a transition in leadership. Richard Martin, OriGen Founder, President and CEO, will be transitioning to the position of OriGen’s Chairman of the Board. This new position will allow for Richard to continue developing OriGen’s culture and direction while having time to focus on special projects. OriGen is deeply grateful for all of the time and work spent by Richard to build the company to what it is today. Through his leadership and hard work, OriGen has been firmly placed as one of the most respected manufacturers of single-use disposables for cryopreservation, cell culture and ECMO products.

As in all great stories, as one chapter ends, another begins; OriGen is proud to announce that Beth San Segundo will be transitioning to Chief Executive Officer. Beth has been at OriGen since its founding, having been hired on as employee number three. She previously served at the senior level of Sales and Marketing at OriGen Biomedical where she oversaw significant growth in new markets and guided the organization’s success. Beth has a deep understanding of customer needs and medical device manufacturing. Beth has an MBA from St. Edwards University and a BS in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin.

OriGen is in a period of significant growth both in the United States and globally. We look forward to continuing to work with our global partners and customers to continue to provide a positive impact to Cell Therapy and ECMO procedures.